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The table below provides an overview of the general settings that may be configured for each business unit.

Click the blue links on the left to access full instructions for each setting.

Permission GroupsSet the user access permissions for groups of staff (e.g. Management, Supervisor, Worker).
ThemesSet up colour themes displayed in Office and Field for your company or individual business units.
Tax CodesSet up tax codes for transactions (applies to international companies only). Accounting integration: tax codes will be transferred from your accounting package during the integration setup.
Description TemplatesSet up, organise and edit the Description Template snippets for Task Descriptions, Invoice Descriptions, etc.
Event MessagesSet up automatic email or SMS notifications for specific events.
Resource ZonesSet up scheduling zones by geofence, suburb or postcode.
Tracking CentresSet up Tracking Centres to allow for more comprehensive reporting for jobs and projects.
Signature LabelsSet up signature labels for captured signatures on quotes, tasks, timesheets and compliance forms.
Forgotten PasswordCheck or enter email sending domains for 'forgotten password' emails.
Business Unit Default MarkupsSet the default markups to be applied to inventory items across the whole business unit.
Frequencies (Periodic tasks, invoices, OHS)Set up frequencies unique to your business. Use these for periodic tasks, periodic invoices, and for OHS purposes.
AroFlo APIAllow Accounting and ERP software like SAP to connect to AroFlo.
Feature access

Your permission group determines access to this feature.

Parts of this feature are included in AroFloGo.

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