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Configuring Email Delivery Status

The ability to track email delivery status, if the email has been opened, clicked or read, can be turned on or off from Site Admin > Service > Options > Print/Email Layout Defaults

This feature can also be turned on or off for specific clients and individual emails (including event emails) if required.

Viewing Delivery Status

If "Track Delivery Status, Opens and Clicks" is turned on, when an email is sent from AroFlo, users can view the Email Delivery Status to know what has happened after the email is sent from within AroFlo.

Every email (sent from Task Sheets, Invoices, Purchase orders or Event Messages: Task Creation, Schedule Creation) will get a status for every To, CC or BCC email address.

On this page:

  • Creating: AroFlo is starting the email creation process.
  • Spooled: AroFlo has created the email and is waiting to send it to the AroFlo mail server.
  • Sent: AroFlo mail server has received the email and the recipient's receiving email server has responded with a successful delivery message.

  • Deferred: AroFlo mail server tried sending but cannot (for various reasons) send it right now and it will try again shortly.

  • Hard Bounce: AroFlo mail server received a failure message from the receiving email server.

    • The reason for the Hard Bounce will be shown.
  • Soft Bounce: AroFlo mail server received a failure message from the receiving server.
    • The reason for the Soft Bounce will be shown.
  •  Rejected: AroFlo mail server found the email address on the blacklist.


A successfully 'Sent' email means that the recipient's email server has received the email from the AroFlo mail server.
After the email is successfully 'Sent', there is no way for AroFlo to check what happens on the recipient's email server.
Usually this would indicate a successful delivery, however spam and other settings on the receiving mail server may sometimes mean the email recipient still did not receive the email.

Email Tracking

AroFlo also has Open Tracking (on all emails), Click Tracking (HTML emails only) and Marked as Spam.
AroFlo will report when the recipient has opened the email or a link within the email has been clicked or the recipient has marked your email as spam.

Emails included in the Task Notes area will display a series of symbols that indicate the status of the email.



Email sent
Email opened
Email rejected
Email spooling
Email link clicked

Email tracking options are dependant on the recipients security settings, email client and/or operating system and cannot be 100% accurate.

AroFlo uses industry standard best practices to determine the status of emails.