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The email interface within AroFlo Office is similar to your standard email program where you can select a contact, enter a subject line and email body and include attachments.

Emailing directly from AroFlo saves you from having to switch between programs to send an email and makes it easier for you to track communication between you and your clients or suppliers.

You can send emails from various screens throughout AroFlo Office such as the Client card, Quote, Supplier Quote, Job Sheet, Invoice (worksheet and menu), Purchase Order, Compliance Form and Project Invoice screens. The following instructions show you how to email from within the Invoice screen but the steps are the same for other areas of the system.

Client specific email

If you would like to email a specific client a collection of their Job Sheets, Quotes or Invoices, go to:

  1. Manage > Clients
  2. Select the client.
  3. On the Client Card, click Email.

Add attachments

The Attachments feature allows you to search, select and attach multiple documents from different areas of the system to a single email.

Dynamic options

The attachment options available to you will change slightly, depending on which part of AroFlo you are in. For example, the 'Credit Note Documents' option will only appear if you are sending an email from within a credit note.

Default layouts for Job Sheets, Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders are configured in Site Admin (global settings) or on the Client / Supplier Card (Client/Supplier specific settings). Please refer to Print and Email Layout Defaults for instructions. 


Job sheetsOpen/current jobs in the system
QuotesSimple/detailed Quotes entered in the system
InvoicesApproved/Processed Invoices generated from tasks
Purchase OrdersIn Process/Approved/Processed Purchase Orders entered in the system
Credit NotesAny document(s) added to the Credit Note
Task DocumentsAny document(s) added to the Quote/Task
Client DocumentsAny document(s) added to the Client card
Location DocumentsAny document(s) added to the Location
Document DirectoryAny document(s) added to the Manage > Document Directory

Email Options

There are a range of email settings available within the Options section that you can modify for each email, if required.

Email default settings are configured in Site Admin (global settings) or on the Client / Supplier card (client / supplier specific settings). Please refer to Print and Email Layout Defaults for instructions. 

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Option SettingsDescription
FromAllows you to modify the 'From' email address for this particular email.
If sending fails, notifyUsed for setting up automatic notifications when an email is not sent or bounces back. 
Track EmailsUsed for setting up a specified address for copies of the email to be sent to. 
Request Read ReceiptUsed for setting up a specified address for Read Receipts which are sent by the system when an email has been read by the receiving person. 
Track Delivery Status, Opens and ClicksUsed to track email delivery status, i.e. see if the email has been opened, clicked or read.
Allow Reply ImportsEnables automatic importing of email replies to the Task Notes section. Refer to Tracking Email Replies for more information.
Merge and Send as one PDFEnable to automatically merge all attachments (which were generated by AroFlo) into one PDF attachment when the email is sent. The system generated file name will be the client's short name, e.g. AVC.pdf.